Feel the Force Campaign

Dawn of the Praxeum - The Path to the Darkside 2

Our The Party of merry force sensitives pursued Parpoza into the forest to the northwest of The Praxeum alongside [[Shie Magdot]]. After most a days travel of pursuit they arrived at an ominous obsidian pyramid in the center of a large lake. They entered the temple and immediately began to feel the influence of the darkside as anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, fear, aggression invaded the minds of our players. 

Ultimately the players found a room containing a sarcophagus holding two red light sabers. Parpoza was there and after a brief altercation he was disarmed. Anger in his heart, Lun Rahe held the two red lightsabers to Parpoza's throat and demanded an explanation. Parpoza looked to Shie Magdot, "I did this for you. Why did you bring them?"


gary_nihart gary_nihart

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