Feel the Force Campaign

Dawn of the Praxeum - The Call of Ilum 1

It's been months since the incident at Dark Temple on Yavin 4. Luke Skywalker has been somewhat distraught since the loss of two of his new jedi trainees but hope is not lost. The other force sentitives have been training diligently to be a new generation of Jedi Knights. He' been called to Coruscant to assist Mon Mothma and his sister Leia Organa-Solo with urgent matters regarding the new republic. 

Shortly after Luke's Departure, Coran Horn identified a brief signal coming from the Planet Illum that matched up with the signature of the Starstorm One. Coran, Kyp and the party departed in pursuit of the signal. Upon dropping out of hyper space over the frozen planet of illum, they discovered a star destroyer patiently waiting. 


gary_nihart gary_nihart

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