Feel the Force Campaign

Dawn of the Praxeum - The Call of Ilum 1

It's been months since the incident at Dark Temple on Yavin 4. Luke Skywalker has been somewhat distraught since the loss of two of his new jedi trainees but hope is not lost. The other force sentitives have been training diligently to be a new generation of Jedi Knights. He' been called to Coruscant to assist Mon Mothma and his sister Leia Organa-Solo with urgent matters regarding the new republic. 

Shortly after Luke's Departure, Coran Horn identified a brief signal coming from the Planet Illum that matched up with the signature of the Starstorm One. Coran, Kyp and the party departed in pursuit of the signal. Upon dropping out of hyper space over the frozen planet of illum, they discovered a star destroyer patiently waiting. 

Dawn of the Praxeum - The Path to the Darkside 2

Our The Party of merry force sensitives pursued Parpoza into the forest to the northwest of The Praxeum alongside [[Shie Magdot]]. After most a days travel of pursuit they arrived at an ominous obsidian pyramid in the center of a large lake. They entered the temple and immediately began to feel the influence of the darkside as anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, fear, aggression invaded the minds of our players. 

Ultimately the players found a room containing a sarcophagus holding two red light sabers. Parpoza was there and after a brief altercation he was disarmed. Anger in his heart, Lun Rahe held the two red lightsabers to Parpoza's throat and demanded an explanation. Parpoza looked to Shie Magdot, "I did this for you. Why did you bring them?"

The Dawn of the Praxeum - The Path to the Darkside 1

Our party arrived atThe Praxeum, after settling in and grabbing some grub. The next morning they went on a meditation walk with Luke and the other trainees. Part way through Parpoza felt a calling to the North East. Skywalker told everyone to stay away, the trainees are not ready for what is there.

Later the group got into some combat training with Kyp Duron and Corran Horn. Milo Tarkin sensed a disturbance in the force. The group found Shie Magdot on the ground outside of Luke Skywalker's room. "Parpoza took a sword from lukes room and ran. I'm afraid for him. He's scared."

Mountain Top Rescue Session 2
Confrontation with Malefax

They party defeated and advanced past a group of mercenaries guarding the bridge to the temple. After arriving at the temple  the party confronted Malefax. Malefax was defeated. Kavari took the sword that radiated dark enegery. They party obtained the Holocron with the blessing of the Guardian. 

The group came together and succeeded in saving their mentor. The adventure concluded with Luke Skywalker showing up….. 

Mountain Top Rescue Session 1
The journey begins

The characters ventured onto the planet Spintir in search of hethan. After a difficult trek up [[Mt. Tellec]] they met a Hologram of an ancient Jedi called "The Guardian".  After a short discussion with "The Guardian" they continued to venture through the Valley. They met 6 native hunters influenced by the darkside of the force. They defeated the Hunters but fell into a trap. It was here that they learned to use the force to escape. 

Exp granted: 10 xp. 

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